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lun. 12 déc.


Campo Santa Margherita, Venezia

Conference on world peace processes - Conferenza sui processi di pace nel mondo

 Conference on world peace processes - Conferenza sui processi di pace nel mondo

Where & When

12 déc. 2022, 09:00 UTC+1 – 13 déc. 2022, 19:00 UTC+1

Campo Santa Margherita, Venezia, Dorsoduro, 3689, 30123 Campo Santa Margherita, Venezia VE, Italie


The Conference on World Peace Processes organised by FIGHT IMPUNITY in cooperation with Associazione INFORMAZIONE ONLUS and CA FOSCARI University. The Conference will also be an opportunity to present the new annual report on the State of Impunity in the World and celebrate 20 years since the existence of the Global Rights Report. 

According to the United Nations, one in every four children around the world, about 535 million, currently live in a country impacted by conflict or disaster.

Prevention of violence is not only about preventing a crisis, but also about combating the causes of conflict to prevent further violence. Establishing lasting peace also requires consideration of state-building factors, that is, strengthening state structures so that they can withstand a conflict. Good governance, the rule of law and the protection of human rights are essential to this end.

When a society fails to do justice and shed light on the truth of the facts, impunity asserts itself forcefully and this is something we must fight to eradicate. As a result of impunity, people suspected of criminal acts are not prosecuted or punished and victims are left without effective remedy or compensation for their injuries or loss. At the same time, they and society are denied access to the truth about the violations suffered, becoming a disruptive element in the construction of peace itself.  According to our vision, the conflict events of many countries have taught us that the future of peace begins with dealing with the past and shedding light on what happened to make justice.


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