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The State of Impunity in Turkey Today

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The State of Impunity in Turkey Today

Where & When

21 janv. 2021, 14:00 UTC+1



The Turkey Tribunal in collaboration with the International  Observatory of Human Rights will be hosting its third webinar to discuss  the Tribunal’s latest report on the State of Impunity in Turkey Today.      Our speakers that include the authors of the report, real  witnesses, legal and human rights experts will be discussing the finding  of the report that answer 2 fundamental questions:

1. Is there an internal system of preventing and monitoring  torture or mistreatment, and if yes, how does it function in reality?        

2. Is there an efficient system of sanctioning possible torture or mistreatment, or can we speak of organised impunity towards torture  or mistreatment against people held in detention?       

Join us for the third of a series of webinars discussing Turkey’s human rights challenges.   REGISTER (ZOOM-recommended for questions):  

Youtube and Facebook live-broadcast will be available: Turkish interpretation available without registration       


1. Marie Arena, MEP (Belgium)-chairwoman of European Parliament Subcommittee on Human Rights     

2. Michael Polak, Barrister (UK)     

3. Orsola Casagrande, Co-author of "Fight Impunity" report (Italy)     

4. Emre Turkut, Co-author of "Impunity in Turkey Today" (Turkey)     

5. Natali Avazyan, Human rights activist (Turkey)     

6. Video statement from Ercan Kurkut, brother of Kemal Kurkut (Turkey)       

Read the impunity report:    



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