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European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs held today an extraordinary

meeting to discuss the situation in Belarus. The European Parliament overwhelmingly

supports the right of the people of Belarus to participate in free and fair elections and

to exercise their rights and freedoms. The Association against Impunity and for

Transitional Justice (AITJ) supports the peaceful protests of the belarusian

democratic movement and calls for new free and fair elections to be held as soon as

possible to ensure that the Belarusian people can exercise their freedom to choose

their President.

In addition, we join with the request of the President of the European Parliament,

David Sassoli, to demand that all demonstrators unfairly imprisoned will be released

and an immediate stop to the unnecessary use of violence to suppress the protests. All

military and police officers who have harassed, beaten, abused their power and

unfortunately in some cases killed protesters must be sentenced and it must be

ensured that justice is done for all those who have suffered human rights violations

and humiliation.

Although today the European Foreign Ministers have shared the position adopted by

the European Parliament since the beginning of the protests following Lukashenko's

victory, AITJ believes that the conclusions of the Foreign Affairs Council lack the

introduction of sanctions. The decision now goes to the European Council from which

we expect to see the European Union move in a cohesive and strong position for the

respect of human rights, for democracy and against all forms of impunity.

The European Union needs to do all in its power to strengthen the cause of freedom

and democracy in Belarus. This includes effective sanctions against perpetrators of

violations of human rights and electoral fraud, and pressure to release all political

prisoners and those arbitrarily detained.

Association against Impunity and for Transitional Justice - AITJ

Rue Ducale, 41 Brussels – 1000 - +32 2 781 08 23

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