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EGYPT ALERT: 8 years of al-Sisi, the restoration of the regime.

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi celebrates his eight years in power by thanking the Egyptians who, on 30 June 2013, after days of protests against the Islamist president Morsi, endorsed the military coup on 3 July, unaware of what would follow. The last eight years make it impossible to speak of a revolution: al-Sisi's was the restoration, in an even more brutal form, if possible, of the Mubarak regime. In the last few days, the preventive arrests, and arbitrary abuses against ordinary citizens, stopped in the streets and squares of Egyptian cities by the police and the secret services, searched, deprived of their mobile phones to check their activity on social networks and in some cases detained to prevent any protest from taking place in the eight years since the coup. Some disappeared for days, interrogated in National Security offices. It seems that the press has been given specific instructions by the government to hide the bad news, such as any peaceful protest for civil rights and freedom of expression, and exalt the «good news », of which a ready-made list has been provided. However, this is not surprising given the authoritarian drift of the Egyptian government. As well as the staggering increase in death sentences, numbers so high that they have pushed Egypt to the top of the world rankings for use of the death penalty, third after China and Iran. Fight Impunity stands for the protests of the many human rights organisations and the families of the latest people sentenced to hang, 12 members of the Muslim Brotherhood imprisoned for the Raba'a Square demonstration (a thousand killed by the army a month and a half after the coup, a fitting overture to future widespread state repression). Since 2018, 241 people have been executed (88 for political reasons). The peak was recorded in recent years: if in 2019, 32 prisoners were executed, in 2020 the number quadrupled, 107. In 2021 there are already 51 and 64 prisoners on death row. And then there are Ahmed Samir Santawy and Patrick Zaki, both Egyptians, both in Europe. Ahmed Samir Santawy, a researcher at the Central University of Vienna, detained for false charges of terrorism in February 2021 and Patrick Zaki, a student at the University of Bologna who celebrated his birthday in prison for the second year in a row, because of a government, the Egyptian one, always responsible for an illegal, arbitrary, and cruel detention that has been going on for almost 500 days. Fight Impunity calls once again, for their immediate release. As the President of Fight Impunity, Pierantonio Panzeri, has repeatedly stressed in other statements, the deterioration of the human rights situation in Egypt cannot be fought with the silence of the international community. Ahmed and Patrick are not two hostages in the hands of a group of kidnappers with whom a ransom is being negotiated. They are two illegally detained students and Europe should do much more for both!

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