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The aim of FIGHT IMPUNITY is built on the necessity to promote the fight against impunity for serious violations of human rights and crimes against humanity having the principle of accountability as a central pillar of the architecture of international justice. Although there are already a number of mechanisms at the international and regional levels to oversee the responsibility of states and individuals concerned and ensure accountability the violations committed, there is a crucial need to strengthen the actions and measures existing ones in order to increase their effectiveness.

In order to fill the gap of impunity, the association would serve the purpose of addressing the most sensitive issues in the international human rights law context (e.g. extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances) as well as the needs of the most vulnerable groups (e.g. children, youth, women, minorities and internally displaced persons). This includes shaping solutions for eliminating possible obstacles for victims to access justice and to promote international justice systems, including transitional justice where accountability is most at risk.

Raising awareness

On unreported situations and human rights violations, notably as a concrete follow-up to European Parliament's urgency resolutions, identifying and supporting relevant bodies and actors on the ground and coordinating actions in close cooperation with all relevant EU and international bodies and mechanisms; establishing a platform to amplify the voice of the victims and the EU's response in that respect. Monitoring widespread impunity for human rights violations and attacks on the role of the International Criminal Court, considering the joint communication to the European Parliament and the Council on the EU action plan on Human Rights and Democracy 2020 -2024

Enhancing the profile and visibility of the EU engagement on the fight against impunity

Through an annual high-level event (eg. European Days to Combat impunity), targeted campaigns and the publication of reports, and creating new partnerships and networks worldwide with a potential multiplying effect at multilateral, regional and local level


To implement the 2030 UN Agenda for Sustainable Development (goal 16) and its objective of designing better accountability mechanisms, providing access to justice for all and promoting peaceful and inclusive societies

Supporting the work of the European Genocide Network

And create synergies in order to ensure a parliamentary dimension via a close cooperation between national authorities (Parliaments), European Parliament, parliamentary assemblies in third countries and civil society organisations; giving support to the judiciary to investigate and prosecute international crimes and assessing the common efforts of the EU Member States and the European Union in enforcing criminal law and jurisprudence notably by the adoption of relevant legislation and building necessary networks with official and non-official representatives at national and European levels


In favour of multidisciplinary accountability systems (including the ICC) and reparation processes in challenging environments, bridging the gap between mechanisms and victims (also called "survivors") by ensuring a victim-centred approach

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